Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend at the River

I love getting away for a weekend with my family.

 My parents have a place on a river not far from Houston. We spend a lot of time there and its most fun when the whole family comes. This year we headed up to the river with my cousins and their boyfriends, my aunts and uncle, my brother and a couple of his friends, and of course my parents.

We took up my cousin and her boyfriend Friday night. It was great because they helped keep Jack entertained during the car ride and kept me from pulling my hair out. Jack and Andrea sang a "One Direction" song to each other. It was so cute!

Because it is a river and Jack is only two and I don't particularly want him to get eaten by an alligator, we got a couple blow up pools to keep in the yard of one of the houses. I don't know if Jack liked them more, or if the women did!

"Mudding" or 4 wheeling is part of the fun at the river. And with that comes a lot of well....mud! But that is half the fun of it. (Well for the men, and youngsters. I on the other hand, fully expect to go "mudding" and return without an ounce of mud on me. It drives my husband crazy, but trust me ladies, it can be done. Simply jump on the back of the 4 Wheeler and every time your husband; starts to accelerate, spots a mud puddle, steers towards the direction of a jump start screaming bloody murder. If needed use mild explicits.) As you can see below, there is quite a difference between my husbands first "mudding" adventure and the (ahem) adventure he had with me...

 Besides the "mudding" my husband brought our boat up. That is always a good time, for about an hour. At least for me. After an hour I am hot, thirsty, and for some reason usually hungry! UGH! All the youngsters love to go skiing and tubing. Again, I keep my adventures pretty contained, and in this instance contained ON the boat. This is also the first year we let my precious son ride on the boat. He liked it enough, but that little two year old was mad that we wouldn't let him drive the boat!

After all that "mudding" and water sports it is time to feed the heifers. And after I fed the kids, my husband and Jack we went and fed the cows and longhorns that my parents have.

Great time at the river!


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  1. You are hilarious! I love your enthusiasm for the outdoor adventures!! LOL! Looks like fun!!